“All I wanted, was a little piece of land in a nice place away from the usual crowded resorts.” said Prince Karim Aga Khan.

He found it on the northeast coast of Sardinia, a wilderness with cliffs of granite rising behind curving beaches and natural harbors. Today there is Porto Cervo.


To keep his little piece of land un-crowded the Aga Khan has set up a consortium, an association of independent landowners who agree to develop their property in the common interest. Everyone who bought land on the Costa Smeralda automatically became a member. During his first television appearances, he described his “Integrated Plan development” of Costa Smeralda as the departure point for the development of several numbers of companies concerning various sectors, from transport to crafts, creating opportunities for employment and growth for the whole Sardinia , and working following all vocations and respecting traditions and land resources.


The first visitors to the Costa Smeralda had to reach Sardinia landing in Alghero and had to face a long drive to the destination, that was more than one hundred kilometers. The Prince immediately understood how serious was this deficiency.


The first thing to do was to organise a small fleet of aircrafts Beechcraft, on which the first noble guests could land inVenafiorita, near Olbia. That was a pioneering stage, documented by photos taken by reporter Nello di Salvo: Margaret of England honored from the local authorities waiting for her at the foot of the ladder, and Jacqueline Kennedy just landed in the Gallura ground and going toward her limousine .

Over the years the company has become one of the most important national airlines and extended his networks across Europe, the only “piece of Costa Smeralda“ that remained up to now in the hands of Karim. The Costa Smeralda started with the village of Porto Cervo, designed by the Architect Luigi Vietti. The idea was to copy a seaside village with a little harbor to allow the yachts to dock, and, in the same time , inside, to have a prestigious hotel , “ Hotel Cervo “ and a range of commercial services of highly prestigious and luxurious shops.

“All I wanted, was a little piece of land in a nice place away from the usual crowded resorts.”

said Prince Karim Aga Khan

”Marinasarda is ready to rent almost any type of boat, including large motor yachts.”

Sports Illustrated , MAY 13, 1968

The company Marinasarda was founded together with the Yacht Club to manage the harbour whose first President was Architect Luigi Vietti. Let’s say that a luxurious spot of this prestige, could not forget another entertainment for wealthy sportsmen the Golf. So, during 1967, the area between Monti Zoppu and the Pevero, Architect landscapers Mr Robert Trent jones, was engaged to design 18 holes: The Pevereo Golf Club. In the same time, the city planners began the studies to complete the final project of the Costa Smeralda.